Zoom Set of tabletop monsterea leaf propagation stations growing plant cuttings in clear test tubes
Zoom Neat line of tabletop propagation stations rooting plant cuttings
Zoom Spider plant baby growing roots in a tabletop propagation station tube
Zoom propagation station wood color options
Zoom A tabletop propagation station with a clear test tube
Zoom Set of tabletop propagation stations with plant cuttings
Zoom Houseplants rooting in a line of propagation stations

One Monstera Leaf Tabletop Prop Station

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A picture-perfect setting for your tiny little plant babies to grow. With a carefully cut, sturdy wooden base holding a test tube to propagate your plant cuttings, this propagation station gorgeously highlights the delicate root systems in an aesthetically pleasing way. The clear plastic test tube with the specially designed wooden base lets you keep an eye on the water and the growing root systems.

Height: 6.5 inches

Width: 2.5 inches

• A charming way to propagate your aroid houseplants
• Monstera Leaf wooden base
• Each piece is handmade to order
• Available in brunette and blonde wood to suit your decor

Plants/cuttings are not included in your purchase.



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