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Climbing Monstera Leaf Trellis

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Enjoy tropical vibes all year round in your indoor garden with this climbing Monstera leaf plant trellis. As magnificent as the Monstera itself, this large trellis stands tall in the pot and helps support the growth of your houseplants all year long. Featuring the instantly recognizable leaf hole patterns, it allows vines to climb and twist around them to stay upright, coil around, and grow naturally.

This trellis for climbing plants is perfect for plant support and to adorn your sweetest houseplants. Quick and easy to install, just place it directly into the plant pot to elevate the look of your houseplants effortlessly.

Plant parents love this home decor item, as it provides the much needed stability and support for climbing plants as they vine and trail up the climbing monstera leaf design. 

•The original Monstera Trellis
• Measures 18" x 6" including stakes. Fits most pots 3" and larger
• Made with ¼” thickness superior quality wood (not flimsy 1/8” like others)
• Each trellis is handmade to order
• Perfect for String of Hearts, Shingle Plants, small Hoyas, Philodendron, Pothos, and other small to medium-sized trailing houseplants
•Indoor use only


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